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Discover Jordan

Experience the wonders of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, marvel at the Greco Roman ruins at Jerash or simply relax on the shores of the Red Sea at Aqaba.

You will find such treasures in the mesmerising kingdom of Jordan.

There’s Petra, a truly magnificent city carved out of the dusky-pink rock of the desert mountains 225km from the capital, Amman. Almost as stunning is Jerash, one of the world’s best-preserved Roman towns complete with glorious temples, baths and theatres.

Jordan has many sites of religious significance, among them Mount Nebo from where Moses viewed the Promised Land. A new cave museum is close to where Lot and his family sought refuge from the devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Madaba, you’ll find impressive medieval mosaics and you can learn more about Jordan’s rich history at the new National Museum in Amman.

The country has unique natural wonders, too, not least the fascinating Dead Sea, eight times saltier than the sea and renowned for its curative properties. And there’s breath-taking Wadi Rum, a spectacular wilderness you can explore by 4WD vehicle, on foot or on camel, or camp out at night with the Bedouin under a canopy of stars for a truly special experience.

There are nature reserves offering every outdoor activity from bird watching, gentle hikes and bike rides, to full-on canyoning and climbing.

And after all that incredible sightseeing, the glorious Red Sea awaits. Aqaba and its resorts are home to top-class hotels offering poolside rest and relaxation, pampering spas, great diving, snorkelling and other water sports, and even golf, with other attractions on the way, from water parks to theme parks.

And don’t forget Amman itself, a cultural hot spot offering concerts and theatre, old-fashioned coffee shops and smart restaurants, traditional souks and shiny new boutiques, and splendid modern hotels.

Jordan is a stunning destination by itself, or combine your holiday here with a visit to its equally appealing neighbouring countries. In Egypt, wander around awesome tombs and temples on an unforgettable cruise on the Nile then head to Cairo for the incomparable Pyramids of Giza. Or explore the Holy Sites of Israel, including the Western Wall in Jerusalem and Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee on another incredible journey with your holiday experts, Discover Jordan.


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